Specialist practice for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports traumatology

Our years of experience, the personal and flexible care we provide our patients, and our international networking separate us from other organisations.

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Our specialists team comprising of Dr. Christian Fink, Dr. Christian Hoser, Dr. Peter Gföller, Dr. Sepp Braun and Dr. Elisabeth Abermann will attend to you by individual appointment.

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Science & research

Scientific study programmes and projects in the area of applied clinical research allow for continuous further development and a comparative international perspective.

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Sport and joint surgery Innsbruck

Welcome to the GELENKpunkt medical practice

At our elective-treatment practice for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports traumatology in Innsbruck, we specialise in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery as well as reconstructive joint surgery for injuries and damage to the large joints (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow) and the musculoskeletal system.

Our international network unites outstanding sports physicians and orthopedic specialists, creating a professional framework for our daily work. Our competence is enhanced by numerous research projects, publications and the implementation of our own specially developed and innovative technologies.

Specialist in trauma surgery, sports traumatology, orthopedics and traumatology, ÖAK diploma in sports medicine
Specialist in trauma surgery, sports traumatology, orthopedics and traumatology
Specialist for trauma surgery and sports traumatology
Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology
Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology
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The Gelenkpunkt difference

We are what we repeatedly do

We emphasise the holistic care of our patients. We perform outpatient treatments before and after surgical procedures at our medical practice at the Tivoli stadium. For surgical procedures including an inpatient or outpatient stay, our services as attending physicians are available at the Privatklinik Hochrum near Innsbruck.

Our team’s goal is to provide our patients with the highest quality treatment and care focused on evidence-based science and using the latest surgical techniques and implants. Our commitment to scientific research and teaching  forms the foundation of our medical activities.

Gelenkpunkt believes in introducing and developing the latest treatment and diagnostic options for injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Our areas of focus


The knee joint forms the moveable connection between the thigh bone and the tibia. The knee, a joint gear of sorts, is the largest joint in the human body. The bending is composed of rolling and sliding motions. Rotation in a bent state is possible. Sliding, rolling and turning motions are enabled. During its lifetime, it may bend and stretch millions of times.

Ankle joint

Amongst the foot joints, one can distinguish between the upper and lower ankle joint. When we speak about the ankle joint in daily life, we actually mean the upper ankle joint. This joint is formed by the knuckles of the tibia and fibula and by the talus (ankle bone). It allows for lifting and lowering the foot around an axis that runs from the inner to the outer ankle. The lower ankle joint is composed of the talus on the one side and the heel bone and the navicular bone on the other side. It enables the inner, medial margin (supination) or the outer, medial margin (pronation) of the foot to be lifted from the ground.


The hip socket and the head of the thigh bone (femur head) are connected by the hip joint. Half of the femoral head is surrounded by the hip socket. This provides the hip joint with good, bony stability. This stability is additionally supported by a cartilage seam, a joint lip.


The shoulder joint is formed by the humeral head and the shoulder blade. It forms the connection of the arm to the torso. It is the most flexible joint in the body with largest range of motion.

Childhood sports injuries

In addition to joint surgery for adults, the team of doctors at the Gelenkpunkt medical practice have established consultation services for childhood sports injuries. This aim of focusing special attention on the unique needs of young patients is to make visiting the doctor less intimidating and to offer the most positive rehabilitation programme possible in combination with physiotherapy.

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