FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Austria

A worldwide network

The FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence (FMCE) Austria is a network comprised of doctors, hospitals, physiotherapists, sports scientists and universities.

By providing cutting-edge services in sports medicine, physiotherapy, sports science, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, the FMCE Austria serves the needs of football clubs, sports clubs and associations. The FMCE regularly treats both international and professional athletes.

FMCE Austria strives to meet the highest international standards for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, combining best practices with the latest technology to guide athletes from diagnosis through rehabilitation to recovery. Our teams of dedicated researchers and physicians combine cutting-edge methods with state-of-the-art technology to provide athletes with comprehensive health, body-management and performance strategies.

What we offer...

Core competence

In addition to offering knee and shoulder surgeries as well as the treatment of sports injuries and overuse syndromes, we also offer comprehensive diagnostics and consultation for amateur athletes, top athletes and all those keen to learn more about the fields of prevention and lifestyle medicine.

Sports medicine

At the Gelenkpunkt medical practice, we specialise in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery as well as reconstructive joint surgery for injuries and damage to the large joints. Our international network unites outstanding sports physicians and orthopedic specialists, creating a professional framework for our daily work. Our competence is enhanced by numerous research projects, publications and the implementation of our own specially developed and innovative technologies.

We care for both top and amateur athletes at the Institute for Sports, Alpine Medicine and Health Tourism (ISAG). Providing support to young athletes is a particular focus here. The emphasis is primarily on sports medicine issues as well as the assessment of performance. State-of-the-art examination methods and equipment are available for this purpose. The results provide the basis for both competitive and health-oriented training with the goal of optimal effectiveness at minimal risk. The range of services offered at the ISAG is enhanced by close interdisciplinary cooperation with various departments of the University Hospital.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

The physiotherapists at Sporttherapie Huber & Mair combine conventional treatments (manual therapy, myofascial therapy, mobilisation, electrotherapy, etc.) with the latest innovative technologies.

Each rehabilitation programme is adapted to the patient’s individual needs, taking into account the status and extent of the injury and monitoring progress until the patient can successfully resume physical activity. In combination with the expertise of the physiotherapists, the well-equipped facilities, including massage rooms, a climbing wall, an underwater therapy pool and an outdoor area, are the basis for a wide range of therapy options.

Our mission is to provide an ideal rehabilitation programme which is personally tailored to return the patient safely back to normal activity.

Sports science

Sports scientists work closely with athletes and coaches to develop and implement specific training programmes that meet the needs of the individual, the team and the sport. The underlying goal is to develop faster, stronger, and more resilient injury-free athletes by applying a wide range of training interventions, including speed, agility, plyometrics, endurance, flexibility/mobility, and strength and power techniques.

Even after injuries, sports scientists work closely with the physiotherapy team to return the patient back to normal everyday life or their target sport as quickly and as individually as possible.

We offer sports psychology and support for all athletes, teams or coaches interested in optimising mental abilities and skills. The qualitative and continuous provision of sports psychology support to competitive athletes as well as coaches and associations plays a major role here. Additional areas of emphasis include the coordination, implementation, evaluation and documentation of sports psychology projects as well as the development of quality standards and their maintenance.
There are two different providers of sports psychology support and counselling: the sports psychologists and mental trainers at the Tyrol Sports Psychology Pool and the Tyrolean Sports Psychology Coordination Centre at the ISAG.

Research — Teaching

Research in sports medicine and especially football medicine are amongst the most important requirements for compliance with FIFA’s excellence criteria. Our centre is therefore wholly committed to these focal points. Like all other FIFA Centres of Excellence worldwide, we regularly publish scientific articles in international sports medicine journals. With over 800 scientific publications and presentations, the team is involved in lively exchanges with international specialists.

We are firmly committed to education. The institute at the UMIT Tyrol, the “Research Unit for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention for the Musculoskeletal System”, additionally underscores our scientific orientation by offering numerous courses and advanced training.

Service for international athletes

Our location in Innsbruck provides us access to state-of-the-art technology and a team of respected and world-class sports physicians. These two factors combine to make our FMCE a popular destination for top international athletes seeking a wide range of services, including surgery, rehabilitation, medical evaluation or simply expertise. We provide these high-quality services while maintaining confidentiality agreements and working closely with all of our patients.

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