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Scientific research

Scientific research is an essential part of medicine. In addition to fundamental research which seeks out new, future-oriented approaches, applied clinical research is of significance to patients. Treatment results are documented and evaluated using standardised evaluation surveys. Important international comparisons are thereby made possible. The results of research projects and studies completed by the team of specialists at Gelenkpunkt are presented and discussed at international conferences.

With over 800 scientific publications and presentations, the team is involved in lively exchanges with international specialists. Offering numerous courses and advanced trainings, the “Research Unit for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention for the Musculoskeletal System”, an especially founded institute at the UMIT, additionally underlines the scientific direction of our specialist team of doctors.

The goal of our team of doctors is to provide our patients with the highest quality treatment and care focussing on evidence-based science and using the latest surgical techniques and implants. The commitment of our team of physicians to scientific research and teaching forms the foundation of our medical activities.

Gelenkpunkt is particularly committed to introducing and developing the latest treatment and diagnostic options for injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Patients are an indispensable source of clinical information. Every day at the Gelenkpunkt medical practice, our doctors increase their understanding of a wide variety of clinical pathologies and thus expand their knowledge about the individual healing processes. Every scientific discovery about musculoskeletal diseases potentially contributes to improving the lives of thousands of patients with joint problems in the future. This is true not only in Austria, but around the globe.

Surgical instruments and special surgical methods developed in-house are both recognised and applied worldwide. The overarching goal of the Gelenkpunkt medical practice is to establish and further develop its far-reaching, international research and documentation network.

Current studies & publications

Study: Developing muscle strength after ACL surgery

Ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are amongst the most common injuries to the knee joint. Especially in younger and more physically active patients, ACL ruptures are usually treated by surgical reconstruction. In spite of subsequent intensive physiotherapeutic rehabilitation, persistent muscle weakness of the knee extensor muscles is often observed after ACL reconstruction surgery (regardless of the reconstruction technique used). The aim of the study is to research the causes of this weakness.

Pediatric ACL Injuries Study (PAMI)

In 2018, ESSKA, the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy, established a registry for all data on pediatric cruciate ligament injuries. The Gelenkpunkt medical practice is the only participating institution in Austria. With the parents’ and children’s consent, children are monitored until they are fully grown and the data collected is forwarded anonymously to the European database.

The goal is to not only improve treatment but also to find out howpreventive measures can best be introduced, how often growth disturbances actually occur, how child-specific rehabilitation programmes should be designed, and how the risk of re-injury can be minimised.

The Gelenkpunkt medical practice’s patient register

In-house patient documentation at an international scientific level is carried out via a so-called patient register. This register allows for objective follow-up inspection of patients with the aid of a standardised survey.

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